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Kappa Alpha Order Apparel & Merchandise

In the fraternity world, there are few names bigger than the Kappa Alpha Order. Often known simply as Kappa Alpha or KA, this storied fraternity has initiated over 150,000 members and maintains over 133 active chapters. If you are a proud member of Kappa Alpha, our team here at Greek Gear has the goods you need to show off your fraternity pride in style. From Kappa Alpha apparel and accessories, to KA gifts and other merchandise, we carry an extensive selection of high-quality items for every Kappa Alpha looking to shop.

No Kappa Alpha wardrobe is complete without a couple of KA fraternity shirts, hoodies and hats. We have these and more in our continually-updated inventory, with a host of different options to suit your style. Not finding the perfect clothes for your look? Design your own KA apparel with our custom design service!

In addition to our wide selection of Kappa Alpha apparel, we also carry an extensive online inventory of KA gifts and merchandise. Browse this page for Kappa Alpha flags, paddles, cups and mugs, keychains, license plate frames and much, much more. Fill your cart to take advantage of $5 shipping and order with us today! Visit the Kappa Alpha National website!


  1. What year was Kappa Alpha founded?
    Kappa Alpha was founded in 1865 at Washington College.
  2. What are Kappa Alpha's colors?
    The fraternity's official colors are crimson and old gold.
  3. What is Kappa Alpha's flower?
    Kappa Alpha's flowers are the crimson rose and magnolia blossom.
  4. What is Kappa Alpha's motto?
    Kappa Alpha's motto is "Dieu et les Dames" (God and the Ladies).